Infertility Treatment
click here to take close look"Sunday's Child",published in the magazine, Metropolitan Woman, (December 1995, page 26-28) by Julianne Longlade. "One woman's struggle with infertility and the story of her miraculous conception." She wrote.... In 1988, after seeing an infertility specialist and undergoing a series of tests, I was diagnosed with "Premature Ovarian Failur" This meant I no longer had a menstrual cycle and my ovaries didn't produce eggs. I started on herbal tea and acupuncture in December 1992. After examining me, Dr Liu prescribed treatment of weekly acupuncture and two daily doses of a special herbal tea. I am convinced that through a miracle of God and the work of Dr Roy Liu's Chinese medical therapy our precious, beautiful little girl, Andrea Sanders Longlade, was born on Sunday November 7, 1993.
Headache Treatment
click here to take close look"Ancient Techniques Banish Migraine" by Ron Price/Health/Science Reporter on the Saturday Windsor Star February 24, 1990. He wrote.. A city woman who spent 13 years in excruciating pain, unable to find doctors in North America who could help her, found relief almost in her own backyard-at a Windsor acupuncture center.
Cold Treatment / Skin Treatment
click here to take close lookAn example published in the Detroit Free Press newspaper (Sunday, January 7, 2001), "Herbal Teas Combat Winter's Chills", Nicole Stafford and Staff Writer wrote. Tamari Naskidashvili of West Bloomfield and her friend Maka Ratiani of Wixom went home with a box of Beauty Tea, a formula combination of herbs that helps keep the skin clear. Ratiani consulted Liu about skin acne. In addition to receiving tips on diet, stress, water consumption and sleep, Liu suggested ingesting the tea along with using an herbal cream and taking an herbal supplement.
Early Menopause
click here to take close lookMiracle From the East, published in Women's World, (July 18, 1995), Jo Alice wrote, while Western doctors tend to treat specific body parts, Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy that energy balance between all parts of the body is what's essential for optimal health. Practitioners say menstrual problems, migraines, even arthritis and diabetes can all be successfully treated by restoring balance. In Julianne's case, Dr Roy Liu used acupuncture to boost blood flow through her body; he then prescribed teas to correct the imbalance he determined had stopped her menstrual cycle and prevented her from getting pregnant.....
Infertility Treatment
click here to take close lookSeveral examples are published of Dr. Liu's successful infertility treatments. These treatments allowed for the birth of so many lovely children.
Skin ulcer
click here to take close lookMr.Tom, Male, 48 years old, Factory Worker, Living in Leamington, Ontario. Over several years skin ulcer on left leg( see photo), severe pain, can't walking, very tired. no cure from specialist, only way use antibiotic cream and compressing stocking. after he accept 6 weeks treatment by Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, we taped he made a conversation with Dr. Liu Tom: Hi, Dr.Liu, how are you! may I get 2 weeks herbal tea? and powder for external use? I'll come to Windsor for pick up. Dr.Liu: Yes, how are you feelling? Tom: I feel good, only little pain, I went to work now. Dr.Liu: What about skin? Tom: Very good! 3-4 small area ulcer all healing, only leave big area ulcer, red colour, I feel itch, I think it's muscle growing...you are amazing! Dr.Liu: ok, no bad, you take care! Tom: Thank you!
Lose Weight and Pain Control
click here to take close lookA email from Mrs Carol Maleyko
on May 22, 2005. Thank you Dr. Liu
I swim at a pool with a young lady who works for Dr. Liu in Windsor, Ontario. I was in a bad accident and was in extreme pain even though I exercise. She informed me about the herbal pain patches. I went to the store & Dr. Liu sold me the patch and "Chromium Picolinate". I did not tell him of my accident at the time and my other problems. I wish I had. My Dr. had sent me for Massage theraphy and this helped. But the painpatches helped more and the effect was soothing. I did not have a returnappointment to the massage therapist until May 25, 2005, that is why I tried the patches. I have tight back muscles and pain radiates across my shoulders and up my upper arms and muscles. I had total knee replacement and still have swelling. Now that I am aware of Dr. Liu and the Joy of Herbs, I intend to return to the store for more oriental herbs and treatment. I had gained a lot of weight prior to the knee replacement and need to lose 75 lbs. I exercise and follow the Atkins diet but will go back to the store for your "Lose It" herb. I have had small cases of skin cancer and will obtain help there also. I also will inform all the people in my exercise swim class of the benefits of visiting your store. I have relatives in Michigan who will be going to that location also. Does your company handle paperwork for accident cases? If not, it does not matter, I will return for treatment. Thank you to Dr. Liu and the young lady who works for you.
Carol Maleyko
Asthma Attack
click here to take close look"Quite Triumph" by Ted Shaw/Start Entertainment Writer on Saturday Windsor Start May 20,2006.Carol Ann Duronio, who overcame hearing loss and asthma, finds pleasure in just talking about her ability to come back to stage and participate in a recent production of Cats...in December 2003, she visited Windsor herbalist Roy Liu at Joy of Herbs, 620 Wyandotte St E, to see if he could help wean her off the puffer..."He put me on the most disgusting herbs I had to boil in the garage because they so stinkly"...Slowly, her voice got stronger." I began to feel my lungs open up. I'm sure the puffer was drying my voice out, because it actually hurt to speak"...
Sports Injury
click here to take close look"Sizzling Shrine Advances" by Jim Evans on Friday local newspaper Nevember 18, 2005. Question: What you get when you mix ancient oriental herbal remedy patch with some shake and bake? Answer:You got talented senior guard lauryn Mangum running the offense during Royal Ork shrine's 61-56 Victory over Detroit Consortium Prepina Class C district semifinal game at...
Stop Smoking
click here to take close lookI just wanted to thank you so much! My husband and I came in about 8 weeks ago and got treatment to quit smoking. We have not had a cigarette since before the treatment and have not had a desire for any. We are gladly sharing our experience with our smoking friends.. I will be contacting for information on other issues I would like to take care of. Thank you for changing our lives.Joni Reed.8/22/2013
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