Joy of Herbs was established in 1986 in Windsor. In 1989, Joy of Herbs took over Miracle Herbalist, a clinic and store in downtown Windsor that had been in business for over thirty years. Miracle Herbalist published Indian Herbology of North America, authored by Alma Hutchins, a renowned herbologist who specialized in Native American medicine.

Joy of Herbs continued to offer the Native American herbs and added a variety of new herbs-Chinese, American, and African-and other Alternative Medicines. They also established a clinic with the latest acupuncture equipment; an experienced acupuncturist and herb doctor provide Chinese acupuncture, counseling on effective herbal and alternative medicine products, and conducts research.

Joy of Herbs retails and wholesales thousands of Western herbs, Asian bark herbs, and Chinese herbal products. In addition they sell health foods, vitamins, dietary supplements, and herb supplements for pets.

With this website, the Company is now offering herbs for sale online and advise on natural health to better serve its Canadian and U.S. customers.

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